Oral hearing request

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Decision on Co-prosecutors’ Request for Appeal Hearing on Scope of Trial in Case 002/01 or Leave to File Joint Reply

Date: 18 décembre 2012

IENG Sary’s response to the Co-prosecutors’ request for a public oral hearing of the immediate appeal of the decision concerning the scope of trial in case 002/01 or in the alternative request to file a joint reply to the three Defence responses

Date: 23 novembre 2012

IENG Sary’s request for the Trial Chamber to hold a public hearing and take evidence concerning the OCIJ’s widespread and systematic practice of conducting unrecorded interviews with witnesses

Date: 2 novembre 2012

Letter from IENG Sary Defence to the Trial Chamber Senior Legal Officer: Request for Clarification Concerning Document Presentation Hearings

Date: 10 octobre 2012

IENG Sary’s request that the Trial Chamber seek clarification from the OCIJ as to the questioning of witness Norng Sophang on 17 February 2009 and summon the OCIJ investigators to give evidence regarding this interview

Date: 27 septembre 2012

Demande de IENG Sary visant à ce que la chambre de première instance obtienne du bureau des co-juges d’instruction des éclaircissements quant à l’existence de tout enregistrement de l’entretien ayant eu lieu avec le témoin oeun tan le 8 octobre 2008

Date: 29 août 2012

IENG Sary’s Request to Hear Evidence from the Interpreter Concerning WItness Phy Phuon’s Second OCIJ Interview Whereby Irregularities Occurred Amounting to Subterfuge

Date: 23 août 2012

Letter to Trial Chamber Senior Legal Officer concerning issues to be raised at the upcoming trial management meeting

Date: 10 août 2012

IENG Sary’s Reply to the Co-Prosecutors’s Response to IENG Sary’s Motion for the Trial Chamber to Conduct the Trial in Case 002 by Following a Proposed Revised Procedure and Request for an Expedited Stay on the Order to File Materials in Preparation for Trial

Date: 8 février 2012

IENG Sary’s Response to the Co-Prosecutors’ Motion Which Accompanied Their Rule 80 Expert, Witness and Civil Party Lists

Date: 8 février 2012