Joint Criminal Enterprise (JCE)

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Joint Criminal Enterprise is a form of liability created by the Appeals Chamber of the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia in the case of Prosecutor v. Tadic in 1999. The ECCC Co-Prosecutors publicly announced that they had sought to apply this form of liability at the ECCC in a press release dated 19 July 2007. The IENG Sary Defence challenged its application at the ECCC which was established to bring to trial those who allegedly committed crimes in 1975-1979. Parallel to the Defence challenge, the OCIJ declined to charge Duch with JCE in the Closing Order ending the judicial investigation in that case. The OCP appealed this decision of the OCIJ. The IENG Sary Defence was not permitted to file submissions on the application of JCE in that appeal, despite requesting to do so.

(English) Expedited request for an extension of time to file the khmer translation of Ieng Sary’s reply to the co-prosecutors’ joint response to Nuon Chea, Ieng Sary and Ieng Thirith’s appeals against the closing order

Date: 1 décembre 2010

IENG Sary’s expedited request for extension of time and page limit to reply to the Co-prosecutors’ response to Ieng Sary’s appeal against the closing order if no oral hearing is granted

Date: 19 novembre 2010

IENG Sary’s Appeal Against the Closing Order

Date: 26 octobre 2010

IENG Sary’s expedited request for extension of page limit to appeal the jurisdictional issues raised by the closing order

Date: 17 septembre 2010

Summary of Expedited Request for Extension of Page Limit to Appeal the Jurisdictional Issues Raised by the Closing Order

Date: 17 septembre 2010

Summary of IENG Sary’s Response to the Co-Prosecutors’ Rule 66 Final Submission and Additional Observations

Date: 1 septembre 2010

Summary of IENG Sary’s motion against the direct application of customary international law at the ECCC

Date: 22 juillet 2010

Filings on Joint Criminal Enterprise at the ECCC up to the Pre-Trial Chambers Landmark Decision

Date: 20 juillet 2010

Réplique de IENG Sary à la réponse faite par les co-procureurs aux appels interjetés par IENG Sary, IENG Thirith et KHIEU Samphan relativement à l’entreprise criminelle commune

Date: 18 mars 2010

IENG Sary’s Urgent Expedited Request for Extension of Time Limit to Reply to Co-Prosecutors’ Joint Response to Ieng Sary, Ieng Thirith and Khieu Samphan’s Appeals on Joint Criminal Enterprise

Date: 10 mars 2010