Human rights

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IENG Sary’s Urgent Request for Certain Modalities upon his Death

Date: 12 March 2013

IENG Sary’s appeal against the Trial Chamber’s decision denying his right to waive his presence in the courtroom during trial and denying his constitutional right to assist in his own defence

Date: 5 January 2012

IENG Sary’s Observations on whether the Trial Chamber may compel an Accused to be present in court when the accused has voluntarily, knowingly and unequivocally waived his right to be present and is represented by Counse

Date: 11 October 2011

IENG Sary’s Request for Leave to File a Supplemental Submission to his Rule 89 Preliminary Objection (NationalCrimes)

Date: 8 June 2011

Summary of IENG Sary’s Rule 89 Preliminary Objections & Notice of Intention of Non Compliance with Future Informal Memoranda Issued in Lieu of Reasoned Judicial Decisions Subject to Appellate Review

Date: 25 February 2011

IENG Sary’s Appeal Against the Closing Order’s Extension of his Provisional Detention

Date: 22 October 2010

IENG Sary’s Lawyer’s Request for Venerable Monk [XXXXXX] to Visit and Provide Religious Support to IENG Sary at Detention Facility

Date: 27 February 2009

IENG Sary Appeal Against the OCIJ Order On Extension of Provisional Detention

Date: 10 December 2008

Summary of Pre-Trial Chamber’s Decision on Appeal Concerning Contact Between Mr. IENG Sary and Mrs. IENG Thirith

Date: 30 April 2008

Defence Appeal against OCIJ decision prohibiting contact between IENG Sary and IENG Thirth

Date: 25 March 2008