Genocide first came into being as a legal concept during World War II. It later was codified in the Convention on the Prevention and the Punishment of the Crime of Genocide of 1948 following a UN General Assembly resolution on the crime of genocide in 1946. The IENG Sary Defence challenged its application at the ECCC which was established to bring to trial those who allegedly committed crimes in 1975-1979. In the event that the OCIJ determines that the ECCC has jurisdiction to apply the crime of genocide, the Defence submitted a Supplemental Alternative and Annex to its initial challenge to assist the ECCC in applying the law on genocide.

IENG Sary’s Reply to the Combined Response by Advocats Sans Frontières France Co-Lawyers for the Civil Parties to the Appeals by Ieng Sary, Ieng Thirith and Nuon Chea against the Co-Investigating Judges’ Closing Order

Date: 13 December 2010

IENG Sary’s Reply to the Co-Prosecutors’ Joint Response to Nuon Chea, Ieng Thirith and Ieng Sary’s Appeals against the Closing Order

Date: 6 December 2010

Expedited request for an extension of time to file the khmer translation of Ieng Sary’s reply to the co-prosecutors’ joint response to Nuon Chea, Ieng Sary and Ieng Thirith’s appeals against the closing order

Date: 1 December 2010

IENG Sary’s expedited request for extension of time and page limit to reply to the Co-prosecutors’ response to Ieng Sary’s appeal against the closing order if no oral hearing is granted

Date: 19 November 2010

IENG Sary’s Appeal Against the Closing Order

Date: 26 October 2010

IENG Sary’s expedited request for extension of page limit to appeal the jurisdictional issues raised by the closing order

Date: 17 September 2010

Summary of Expedited Request for Extension of Page Limit to Appeal the Jurisdictional Issues Raised by the Closing Order

Date: 17 September 2010

Summary of IENG Sary’s Response to the Co-Prosecutors’ Rule 66 Final Submission and Additional Observations

Date: 1 September 2010

IENG Sary’s response to the Co-Prosecutors’ rule 66 final submission and additional observations

Date: 1 September 2010

Summary of IENG Sary’s motion against the direct application of customary international law at the ECCC

Date: 22 July 2010