Press releases

Press releases

In order to provide the public with information on the Defence team’s position on certain issues, press releases are issued. We will endeavour to provide press releases in both English and Khmer wherever possible. The first press release below concerns the OCIJ’s Order on breach of confidentiality dated 3 March 2009 regarding filings posted on this website.

Launch of New Website

Date: 28 March 2013

IENG Sary Defence Press Release re exclusion from a meeting concerning Mr. IENG Sary’s health

Date: 24 November 2012

Press Release by the IENG Sary Defence: “What have the defence lawyers been doing over the course of the many years of the judicial investigation?”

Date: 12 September 2012

Press Release regarding the Public Decision of the Trial Chamber Denying Ieng Sary’s Request to File Submissions on the Application of Joint Criminal Enterprise at the ECCC issued on 3 July 2009

Date: 4 July 2009

Press Release in Response to the Order of the Co-Investigating Judges on the Request for Information Concerning OCIJ Investigator Stephen Heder

Date: 2 June 2009

Press Release in Response to the Press Conference of the Co-Investigating Judges held on 27 May 2009

Date: 1 June 2009

Press Release in response to the statement of H.E. Peter Taksoe-Jensen, the United Nations Assistant Secretary-General for Legal Affairs, dated 8 April 2009

Date: 9 April 2009

Press Release on Removal of Defence Filings from the Website

Date: 8 March 2009

Press Release in response to the Co-Investigating Judges’ Order on Breach of Confidentiality dated 3 March 2009

Date: 4 March 2009